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12. Big Box Karaoke Bar Fayetteville

Opened in 2018, Big Box Karaoke promises a fun experience where you sing your heart out and eat and drink. Inspired by Japanese culture, the husband-wife duo opened up this place. The food and drinks here are also inspired by Japanese cuisine. Being the first of its kind in Fayetteville, Big Box offers rooms you can book to enjoy a karaoke session. The more, the merrier in this case, as it’s better with all sorts of fun singers. There is no age limit, so kids and adults are welcome.  

Their private ‘suites’ are perfect for those of you who are a bit shy when singing in front of the public. Here it’s just you and your close ones, so no matter how bad you sing, it’ll just stay between you guys. Each box has a waiter who can take your drink orders. The menu is Asian-fusion, and you don’t have to get a box to enjoy the food here. You can sit in the lounge. You can get pizzas and entrees like sandwiches, rice bowls, and noodles. Their Bahn Mi sandwich is a big hit among those who come in. their Vietnamese sandwich has protein, pickles, kewpie mayo, jalapeno, cilantro, and steamed edamame.  

Their bar offers a long list of cocktails, wine, beer, and sake. You can get ‘Cloud 9,’ ‘Haribo,’ ‘Matcha Made in Heaven,’ and ‘Hibiscus Rose Margarita’. Haribo sounds like a fun, yummy cocktail with raspberry vodka, peach schnapps, sour, sprite, and gummy bears. There are also a few flavored soju options along with draft, domestic, imported, and hard seltzer beer. Sake is made from rice and is a common drink in Japan. It is served both warm and cold, but the cold brings out its flavor. It’s a go-to for those who come to Big Box.  

11. Bordino’s Restaurant Bar Fayetteville

Bordino’s is an iconic establishment that has been up and running since 1996. It has been serving some fantastic food and wine for over two decades. It provides a unique and welcoming experience if you’re celebrating a happy occasion or grabbing a post-work drink. The building itself is very classy, sleek, and modern looking. They’re sitting at the bar, on tables inside, and on the patio.  

There is a brown marble top bar which is semi-u-shaped with high chairs to sit at. The shelves behind the bar feature all of the spirits available for you to drink. The lighting is moody and dim. Feels like the perfect spot for a date. Beautiful lamps hang low on top of the bar. Big windows on one side let you look outside and let the sunshine in. The outdoor patio is fresh, with a balance of greenery and sunlight. When the weather here calls for it, you should just sit outside and bask in the glow while you enjoy food and drinks here.  

Before dinner, grab a few drinks here. You can get one of their specialty cocktails like the ‘Fire Island, which has house-infused pepper tequila, banana liqueur, blood orange simple syrup, and pineapple juice. Or you could grab a glass or bottle of wine with your food. Sparkling, white, red, rose, and sweet options are available. You can get something from the salads and small plates section, which has everything from charcuterie boards to fried calamari and salads. Then there are all sorts of pasta and risotto, along with steaks and fish for mains. You can end your meal with some house-made desserts. 

10. East Side Grill Bar Fayetteville

A clean-looking building from the outside, East Side Grill will satiate your hunger once you order something here. The room is extensive, with tables and booths all around the space. The rectangular bar sits in the middle of the room with high black chairs. The checkered floor compliments the whole brown wood furniture all around the place. Contemporary chandeliers light up the place. The whole place has a vintage and rustic look to it.  

It is open from 4 to 10 pm, Monday to Saturday, and 10 am to 3 pm on Sundays. A Sunday breakfast or brunch here sounds fantastic. On the brunch menu, you can get steaks, chicken and waffles, shrimp, or eggs benedict. You can pair this with some bubbles or brunch cocktails they offer. If you are here for dinner, you can order Korean fried chicken sliders, fries, or even bruschetta. Then there are the salads, handhelds, and favorites section. The favorites section has the best stuff! There’s steak and cheese tortellini, smoked meatloaf, beef tenderloin, poke bowl, and seared pesto salmon, amongst other dishes.  

In the drinks section, you have a list of wines available by glass and bottle, some beers, margaritas, and cocktails. Local drafts are available on rotation, along with bottles and cans. The cocktails have fun names like ‘Skinny Dip,’ ‘The Gentleman,’ ‘Buckles,’ and ‘I <3 NYC’. Order ‘The Gentleman’, a mix of gin, elderflower liqueur, lemon, and champagne float. This yummy food and drinks can be a part of the next event you host, as they also offer catering services.  

9. Eclectic Kitchen Bar Fayetteville

A small cozy looking building with nothing too flashy is home to Eclectic Kitchen in Fayetteville. The decor on the inside is simple yet tasteful. There are hints of reds on the stools and walls, along with a checkered floor and metallic tables and chairs. One corner has mint green sofas you can sit on while waiting a bit. They have focused more on keeping the space minimal and distraction-free, so you just focus on the food and drinks on their menu.  

The owner and head chef has created the menu based on what he loves to create and eat, and after trying it out, so will you! They keep on changing their menu regularly, so be prepared. They offer small and large plates, which include roasted stuffed quail, arugula and spinach gnocchi, pork tenderloin, and clams. You must try their Alaskan halibut with beet risotto, asparagus, and lemon thyme beurre blanc. It has the perfect balance of seasonings and aromatic herbs, with the halibut cooked to perfection. Their presentation is immaculate and focuses on little details. There is a perfect balance of colors and textures on eat plate that the waiter puts in front of you. From micro-herbs to sauces with vibrant colors and aromas.  

You can pair your food with a libation of your choice. We would recommend trying out ‘Pomegranate Martini’. It has Tito’s vodka, Pama liqueur, pomegranate, and lime. It’s priced at just $9! Other options include a lengthy wine list that you can choose from. A glass of wine would go well with your food, for sure.  

8. Theo’s Bar Fayetteville

An upscale American restaurant in the heart of the city? You heard that right; it’s Theo’s! They offer some delectable food ranging from appetizers to mains to desserts. They offer a casual yet elegant dining experience at their bar and lounge. The patio is gorgeous at night, with lights hanging above you while the soft breeze makes your visit even more pleasant. The indoor space is classy, with a white tablecloth spread out on each table and a soft glow illuminating the whole space. They even have condos available for booking if you need a place to stay at.  

Their drinks menu is detailed. Let’s start with cocktails. Long with the classics, they have a section for their specials and signature cocktails. These include ‘Razzle Dazzle,’ ‘Fleur de Lis,’ and ‘Basil Gimlet’. Razzle dazzle will surprise your palette with a mix of Pama, bourbon, lemon, ginger syrup, and angostura. You might even order another one with your food. You should drop by for just drinks once if you really want to experience this place to its fullest. You can get spirits neat, on ice, shaken, stirred, or mixed. They also have more than a hundred types of wine on their wine list. You will find your drink of choice here, that’s for sure.  

If you’re here for dinner, you can start with a shareable plate-like apple glazed pork belly. Then, moving on to the mains, you can get anything from salads, pasta, seafood, and meat options. Their paella includes octopus, fava bean, chorizo, corn, Fresno pepper succotash, salsa brava, and chili oil. That sounds like a flavor bomb.  

7. Vault Bar Fayetteville

A mix of raw material and warmth, Vault gathers all sorts of drinks for all its customers under one roof. The place is not pretentious yet aesthetically pleasing. A mix of concrete, wood, steel, and leather, the bar is a whole experience from the moment you step in. the name is inspired by the location of the bar, which was once a bank vault. Cocktails and whiskey are common denominations that unite all who drop by. There are concrete walls along with a charred white oak wall. The tabletops are oak slabs polished a light color with a matching stool to sit at. The bar itself is leather that has been wrapped over steel. This creates a mix of texture visually and to the touch.  

Being one of the most progressive bars in the area, Vault uses culinary methods to make its cocktails. This results in a fresh and blooming flavor that everyone loves. This adds on to the national cocktail culture, and you might want to drop by if you want to be a part of it. They’ve also been awarded the prize of being a part of America’s best bourbon bars. This is something that they take pride in. they have spirits of all sorts available from all around the world, and you can have them neat or on ice, however, you like them. What’s certain is that you might want more and more. Grab a few friends and a table inside or outdoors and sip away! 

6. Wood Stone Pizza Bar Fayetteville

If you’re looking for an artisanal pizza place, you should go to Wood Stone Pizza and Bar. It features a scratch kitchen with fresh produce from nearby local farmers’ markets. They are then transformed into wood fire pizzas that will satisfy your cravings. The place is famous for its wood-fired pizzas, craft cocktails, and craft beers. They offer some unique and experimental toppings on their pizza, many of which are also made in-house. 

They have a few starters and appetizers on their menu, which you can start with. These include wings and breadsticks, which are the most common order. Then we have craft pizza and traditional pizza sections. The craft section includes experimental flavors like ‘Late Harvest’ which includes toppings like butternut squash puree, local uncured ham, bacon, house ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, roasted brussels sprouts, and cider molasses. Do you see? It’s like such an unpredictable combination that surprisingly goes well together. Other such flavors include ‘Grilled Garden,’ ‘Thai Curry,’ ‘K BBQ,’ and ‘The Curly’ are more. The traditional flavors include Margherita and pepperoni. But we suggest you try it out from the craft pizza section or customize your own.  

To pair with these, they have a fully stocked bar with highly trained mixologists who will whip up anything you’d like. There are a lot of craft beers on draft, along with white and red wine. There are also mocktails that you can sip on. This is the place to relax and unwind at.   

5. Hugo’s Restaurant Bar Fayetteville

Hugo’s is the restaurant down the concrete stairs with just one window, with the restaurant’s name put up as a neon sign. Another neon sign that says ‘Typewriters’, which is self-explanatory as the place where the restaurant is, was once a typewriter shop. The muted jewel tones around the space add to its aesthetic and feel. The checkered tablecloth covers the old-school circular wooden tables. Vintage stickers, posters, and decor elements are all around the room.  

The restaurant has been open since 1977 and does not advertise at all. So you will have to know of someone who knows of this place to get to it. Their menu sticks true to its roots. They offer burgers and an eclectic array of appetizers, entrees, and desserts, including their famous homemade french fries, beer cheese soup, and grasshopper crepes. Look at the variety! The Bleu Moon burger is a big hit here. It has mayonnaise, lettuce, red onion, and melted bleu cheese. Mouthwatering really.  

They have a full seasonal bar with rotating beer draughts and a tap dedicated to local brews. Their whiskey, scotch, and bourbon collection are also notable and enviable. They always have unique beers on tap, like DDH Terpy Galaxy from Tulsa. Then there are local draught, local cans, on tap, imported, domestic, ciders, and non-alcoholic beer options. The wine list has house-made, red, white, and sparkling options.  

4. George’s Majestic Lounge Bar Fayetteville

Opened in 1927, George’s Majestic Lounge is Arkansas’s oldest and longest-running club and live music venue. Live shows began in the 70s, but dances and other social events started in the 30s. The venue itself is intimate and small. Get a booking if you’re going as a big group. They have curated performances weekly, which you can check off their website. Artists like Wilderado, Maggie Rose, Arlo McKinley, and Butcher Babies play here frequently.  

The wooden bar here has stayed the same since the start, although there have been changes to the rest of the structure. Red leather stools accompany the bar for you to sit at. The shelves behind the bar also have a vintage feel to them. They have lined up all of their drinks on these. Tables are lined up to the faux brick wall on the other side. It has photographs and prints from its old days. Each little element adds to the history of this place. The main lounge has many tables in front of the stage, which are removed when the crowd is bigger for the performance. The sign boards on the outside still use old-style fonts, and the everyday show is displayed in what used to be outside theaters back in the day.  

You can get drinks here. There are beers and all types of mixed drinks that the bartenders will make for you according to your preference. They also have food partners nearby, like Powerhouse, a seafood restaurant, and Marley’s Pizza. If you’re in the mood for food, you can get it there. George focuses more on the music scene and has been doing so successfully for over 90 years.  

3. Grub’s Bar and Grille Fayetteville 

Grubs is a famous burger joint here in Fayetteville. Opened 20 years ago, it has been a staple for the University of Arkansas students and the locals that live here. Grubs have maintained a good reputation all these years by being extremely friendly and accommodating and is a family-friendly spot that people love to visit often. Due to this, they have expanded a lot as well. You can drop by for a happy hour, a fun family lunch, or just for their late-night bar.  

Along with serving some kickass food that got them their fame, their school-day spirit and game day celebrations also bought them a lot of fame. If you want, you can grab a beer and watch a game with your buddies. They have fresh hand-patted burger patties, which are never frozen, so you get to eat them fresh. Pair these with their signature fry dip, and you’ll have a fulfilling meal. Their menu overall is a mix of Mexican and American dishes. They have wings, fries, and onion rings to start you off. Then it goes on to nachos, quesadillas, and salads. For a proper meal, you can get burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and mains. Usually, people love to get one of their burgers like ‘Hellraiser’ or ‘Total Package’. Yes, they are that creative with their names. The package has bacon, bbq sauce, jalapenos, and cheddar cheese, a little bit of everything!  

They also offer catering services and have a special menu for that. Here they offer shareable platters and burger bars for your event to be a huge success. They have weekly specials on their food and drinks. They have an extended happy hour daily from 4–10 pm at their downtown location (3–7 pm at their Uptown location), with $3 wells, $1.75 12 oz. drafts, and $3.25 domestic 22 oz. mugs. 

2. Puritan Coffee and Beer Bar Fayetteville

Open every day from 7:30 am to 11 pm, you can drop by for breakfast, lunch, or drinks at Puritan. They have kept their focus on being a clean and minimal space with no colors in their space. You see a wooden bar in the middle of the room, and all the tables, chairs, and stools are also a beautiful oak color that goes perfectly with their black and white color scheme. They have sphere lamps hanging from the ceiling. They have seating on one side of the bar and one continuous table that runs along the edge of the restaurant along the windows. If you’re a bigger group, there are tables on both floors. One side has a wall that says ‘Start well, End Well’, which is what you’d want to hear when you start your day.   

You can also be a part of some fun events like Marvel or D.C.-based trivia nights, Thirsty Thursdays, bingo night on Fridays, or even an adult spelling bee. It is open daily, so that you can pop by anytime you want. The coffee menu is extensive, ranging from iced lattes to vanilla beans. A fun drink to try would be the Chi Chi Rodriquez, a cold, refreshing brew of lemonade. Grab a breakfast burrito or a blueberry muffin from here, as they sell fast. Their beer menu includes ‘Honeybird Blond Ale,’ ‘Low Flock IPA,’ ‘Golden Hour,’ ‘Traditions,’ and ‘Big Dill’. So there’s a mix of domestic, imported, canned, bottled, and draft beer.  

The fun thing about this place is that people come in the mornings for a coffee and in the evenings for a beer. They are starting and ending their day here at Puritan. 

1. J.J.’s Live Bar Fayetteville

J.J.’s Beer Garden and Brewing co. are fun packed into one space. They have everything from outdoor sports to arcade games to concerts and food and drinks here. They have constantly been remodeling the place to make it a spot that everyone wants to be at for a hangout. Now named J.J.’s Live, they have a line-up of artists and performers set to play there in the coming weeks. They have bars, an outdoor bbq truck, a wading pool, a volleyball court, outdoor games, and their very own brewery.  

You can choose to sit indoors or outdoors according to your liking and then order your food and drinks. You can see their brewery through the glass windows inside their 225 people seating space. They brew craft beers, including IPA, pale ale, brown ale, and Belgian. A flagship light lager is also one of their hits here. Also, their food is delicious and budget-friendly, especially burgers.  

If you want to come here for music, you must know that they have two types of shows here. One is the Free Summer Concert series, where the show is free of cost for all. The other shows are ticketed and take place after the summer concerts. These include Justin Moore, Whiskey Myers, and more. They keep on updating these on their website so keep an eye out! The free concerts include artists like Fullhouse, The Dip, Pat Green, and more. So if you’re in luck, you’ll get to hear them and sing and dance along one day! 


You will find all sorts of bars here that you can drop by if you’re going out with friends. Sing your heart out at karaoke or play games while sipping away. Enjoy a concert post food and dance your heart out. Some places will suit you even if you like to stay lowkey. Good food can be found in all these places, showing how diverse the night and food scene is here in Fayetteville. So don’t stay home tonight; go out and explore.  

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