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Nothing beats the 12 Cocktail Bars for a fine cocktail experience in Atlanta. Located on the rooftop of Ponce City Market, it rises above most bars in the city. Beyond the physical position, the 12 Cocktail Bar offers a truly crafted mix of drinks by award-winning bartenders. 12 COCKTAIL BAR is an exquisite retreat in the Ponce City Market tower. Whether a private event or a casual night out with friends, experienced bartenders will pour a finely-appointed selection of cocktails. Experience rare spirits and handcrafted cocktails curated uniquely for your tastes by our award-winning barmen and women at 12 Cocktail Bar. Enjoy all the charm of Atlanta with unparalleled views. 

It is in a truly unique and upscale location, higher than any other location. The 12 Cocktail Bar accepts reservations and carry-on from Monday to Saturday. For groups of 6 or more, a 20% tip will be added to the check. To provide the best possible experience for all guests, we cannot offer split bills for groups of more than five guests. In addition, you cannot apply more than four individual payments to the same invoice. They keep the team safe and streamline the guest experience. Ponce City Market’s roof has moved to cashless operations. Cocktail classes by award-winning bartender and  Beverage Director Randy Hayden will be available until March. 

Enjoy an exclusive and intimate class environment and make homemade cocktails. 12 is a fine cocktail experience. So, they ask guests to dress appropriately. People under the age of 21 are not allowed to enter the bar. All guests must have a valid ID. Therefore, this is a non-smoking bar with all smoking facilities. Other prohibited items are cakes, balloons, and all ornaments. This is one of the best rooftop bars available in Atlanta. So, if you are in town, you should give this a try.

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