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169 Bar New York, Guide & Review

If you want a unique and authentic NY experience, head to 169 and order a beer and shot. Open since 1916, the only thing that has really changed at 169 Bar is the name and the addition of air conditioning. Locals go for the $3 beer and shot special – and the ’70s fern-bar vibe. Especially when compared with the increasingly upmarket bars in nearby Lower East Side and East Village, 169 Bar is both literally and figuratively refreshing. 169 Bar was opened in 1916, and it was formally known as the “Bloody Bucket”

169 Bar’s obscure location is partly what makes it so satisfying. Very much like the Two Bridges neighborhood in which it’s located, the bar is off-the-beaten-path, and stepping inside is like stepping back in time – complete with a mash-up of ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s decor, cheap drinks, and a pool table. Very small hole-in-the-wall place great for a quick pre-game or just a cool place to get hammered! Open from 11:30 am – 4 am every day. Happy hour every day.

169 Bar features comfy outdoor seating, great for cheaper drinks, a great hip atmosphere with great conversation and smiling faces, engaging and accomodating bartenders, well-made and very tasty cocktails, a decent food menu, and a very eccentric selection of patrons, and delicious cocktails. The crowd is cool and staff friendly. It looks very small from the outside but once you go in you see that it extends quite a ways back. Energetic, fast-moving, music, cozy & so busy even on a weekday evening! It’s kind of divey but a cute spot! You can text your order from your table. The place is really nice and much bigger than the places in the same area. Definitely worth a visit!

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