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This unusual St Paul’s Square offering combines darts and dive bar ambiance in a top-notch basement setting. 180 Club is a stylish underground darts bar in Birmingham that serves New York-style meals and shared drinks. Welcome to Birmingham’s first and only underground darts bar. Located beneath The Rectory in the Jewelry Quarter, this hidden-gem basement pub will include six darts lanes that accommodate up to 14 players. The first of its type in Birmingham, 180 Club seeks to introduce the sport to a new audience while adding a unique option to the city’s already burgeoning experiential bar scene. The 180 Club may be rented exclusively, with meal and beverage packages available. Drop below The Rectory and prepare for the night to fly by as you lob darts and sip cocktails till the wee hours of the morning. 

In St Paul’s Square, social darts are striking the target. 180 Club is Birmingham’s newest social darts party bar, located beneath the well-known Rectory Bar & Restaurant. You may practice your aim while sipping drinks in this laid-back basement atmosphere. Not only will you find cutting-edge electronic boards, but there will also be six dart lanes with room for up to 14 players at once or groups of up to 150! Whether you’re looking for a new dating location, a place to hang out with friends, or some weekend fun, come to 180 Club, where you’ll find shots, cocktails, beers, ales, and wine, as well as munchies. This specialized darts bar is a late-night hotspot where you can have a good time. I went to the 180 Club with some pals on a Friday evening. 

The staff was exceptionally kind and provided ‘table service,’ allowing diners to stay in their booths rather than moving back and forth. We ordered many beverages and were welcomed each time by courteous and pleasant employees. The games themselves are enjoyable and straightforward to grasp. Even though none of our party were “darts pros,” we had a great time and followed the rules effortlessly. Because there are just four booths, the environment is small and welcoming. Perfect for today’s climate. The atmosphere, professionalism, and cleanliness speak for themselves; I suggest this location to anybody visiting Birmingham, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed! An unusual subterranean theme. Little technology to compete with their nearest opponent. Excellent drinks and meals. Even during the hectic Christmas season, the staff is cheerful and eager for a good laugh.

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