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1912 Benson Bar Omaha, Guide & Review

1912 Benson is one of the best bars in Omaha if you want to enjoy craft cocktails with a scenic view of Omaha. This place offers good views, chill vibes, and quality service in one stop, and you should definitely check it out. 1912 Bensons also offers a fantastic spread during the Sunday Brunch and regular menus, so you can always enjoy their delicious food items. This bar is ready to serve you seven days a week, so you can go there any day with your friends and family and enjoy the best of what Omaha has to offer. The nightlife this place offers is also great; you will find people of all backgrounds vibing to your favorite beats and drinking classic cocktails during the dark hours. The vibe is very chill, and one can enjoy it a lot in it.
You can also reserve the roof patio when you are out with friends and family for a more intimate evening. Hence 1912 can allow you to be an excellent host. The seating is very spacious, and the chairs are comfortable as well. The design language is very modern too. Good food can either make or break your evening; hence, we recommend you have the starters at this bar along with the cocktails for a fantastic experience – the 1912 wings are some of the best starters.
Moreover, the drinking menu is also great and offers a variety. This bar provides seven specialty cocktails for you to enjoy, ranging from $9 to $10. Some of the best cocktails include London Sour, a mixture of Gin, Red wine, some syrups, and must-try! Apart from this, the Strawberry kicker is another fantastic cocktail to try at the cost of only $10; this cocktail combines bourbon, strawberry syrup, and lime juice elements to create a wonderful experience for you.

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