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Are you looking for Instagrammable locations? 202 Kitchen, located in the heart of The Arcadian, is a pink restaurant and bar ideal for girls’ evenings out and hen parties. Plus, their cuisine is out of this world – mac ‘n’ cheese, anyone? Pornstar martinis, anyone? Situated in the heart of Birmingham‘s The Arcadian, 202 Kitchen is a pink restaurant and bar with not only Insta-worthy interiors but also tasty grub. This gorgeous city center haunt is decked with stunning floral embellishments, magenta neon lights, and plush leather booths. Home to delicious eats, this hotspot serves a range of mouthwatering favorites. Whether you are searching to chow down on a succulent beef burger or gobble a plate of mac ‘n’ cheese, there are plenty of dishes to choose from. 

Are you feeling thirsty? Opt for one of their tropical cocktails and a glass of bubbly. It’s been a rough couple of years, but if one thing has prospered in recent months, it’s our fantastic Brummie eateries. And this pub and restaurant are up there with the most Instagrammable spots in town. We know it’s a bold statement. The gorgeous pink paradise 202 Kitchen was previously located on Pitsford Street in the Jewellery Quarter, but it has recently relocated to The Arcadian Centre, which is more centrally located. And if their JQ location was any indication, their new city center site pulls out all the stops to present guests with that all-important ‘social media moment.’ We think they’ve attained Instagram stardom with their soft-hued baby pink walls and bright pink lights. 

The venue’s attractive rooms range from a sumptuous lounge room to a gorgeous location draped with tropical flora. At their new site, you can anticipate a beachy atmosphere and a homage to Miami Vice and Grand Theft Auto, sans the criminal activities (unless it’s unlawful to eat too many chicken wings) and more lovely, pink décor. Despite this, the comfort food attracts our attention, with a trap box-inspired menu full of drool-worthy delicacies like ribs, fried chicken, wings, mac & cheese, and more. For those unfamiliar with the trap box fad, it all started on social media, as amateur cooks would go to their platforms to upload delicious-looking photos of their handmade chow heaped into a box. 202 Kitchen now delivers substantial meals cooked by experienced chefs as well as outstanding small dishes, placing the focus on the flavors and paying tribute to their gourmet inspiration.

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