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They say it’s hard to create a dive bar, but what if one gets spruced up while retaining all of its flavor (including carryout packaged goods)? This is true of 29th Street Tavern, which maintains blue-collar roots in a gentrifying area. This includes friendly bartenders, delicious burgers and wings, and drink deals during Orioles games. While it’s challenging to match the grandeur of a dark pub’s facade, we applaud the “boardwalk” erected for outside dining. Seating is first-come, first-served at this venue. You may walk up for takeout. It’s a fantastic tavern! Small, cozy, and well-lit. On cheesesteak night, I sat at the bar. 

The cheesesteak was genuinely great (I used to live in Philly and am quite selective about cheesesteaks), and the service was attentive. I would like to see Cheez Whiz offered as a steak choice, but no legitimate concerns. I will certainly return to the atmosphere and sample more of the food. I like drinking at 29th Street Tavern. It offers a typical pub atmosphere, which is challenging to find anymore! It’s a little tiny and dark, with plenty of brick and wood, TVs, and a homey feeling. I’ll be back for drinks – and hopefully for food next time too! Check it if you’re looking for a non-fussy, traditional pub vibe. 

My favorite thing about this bar is everything. The food is so good and fresh! So, the beer selection is one of the best in the city. It’s cozy. It’s quaint, and it’s quite hip too. The service is always genuine, kind, and light-hearted. The best staff and they make the place welcoming. We highly recommend this spot! Great tavern. Everything is made of wood or brick. Tasteful music. Real people. 3 TVs are playing various sports. I had the cheesesteak. Bread, meat, and cheese were all good. I should’ve added more toppings tho. So, I think you can add peppers and mushrooms. Other food looked good too. You will return after one visit. This location is AMAZING! Food and beverages are quite reasonably priced. There are daily meal and beverage promotions. The service is always exceptional—our fave local hangout.

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