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3rd Base Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Are you looking for a great spot in Los Angeles to watch your favorite sport or just hang out? Look no further than 3rd Base LA. 3rd Base LA is a generic sports bar in Los Angeles. Featuring upscale and thoughtful design. Find refined versions of your favorite dishes and bar snacks, featuring hand-crafted cocktails and dishes created with freshly – sourced ingredients. It’s conveniently located 5 minutes down the street from Hollywood Blvd. 3rd Base LA is open Monday 12pm to 1am, Tuesday through Thursday from 12pm to 10om, Friday from 12pm to 2am, and Sunday from 11am to 9pm. 

3rd Base LA features great evening atmosphere, super friendly staff – extremely attentive to every detail, super satisfying good portions, great favors, great music, plenty of comfy seatings, state-of-art lighting and sound system, delicious food which is hot & fresh with nice presentation, pretty nice looking cocktail menu, amazing happy hour deals, great DJs, amazing brunch, broad menu options, nice friendly staff, lots of friendly people, strong & tasty drinks – yummy tacos, fantastic service, very good vibes, reasonable prices, great drinks selection, TV views are great from every angle, and live sports. The bar is very clean and well kept up, from the bar to the restroom. The chef crafts an award worthy menu that compliments the feel of the blond wood interior and smooth surfaces in this Hollywood hideout. There’s also a lot of street parking around it. 

What an amazing spot to grab a drink and watch live sports with friends on a weekend. Nice bar to unwind at the end of day and they stay open until late. Great for everyone, especially sports fans. Highly recommended checking out for an amazing experience in Los Angeles.

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