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One extremely hidden gem is buried behind what seems to be someone’s home door. 40 St Paul’s is a great jewel, owing to its fantastic cocktails crafted from one of their 140 gins, black booths, dark hardwood tables, and every spirit you could desire. 40 St Paul’s is not only one of the greatest and trendiest venues in Birmingham, but it is also one of the top gin sites in the world, having won multiple awards since its beginnings. You’ve located the gin bar you’ve been hunting for if you find what appears to be someone’s home and a black door with the number 40 on it. Expect black booths, dark wooden tables, a large bar stocked with tonnes of gin, and just 24 seats inside. 

They provide a carefully chosen selection of show-stopping gin creations, with a bar stocked with 140 different gins. While gin is the primary focus, each drink is coupled with a garnish and tonic that complements it; there are some well-crafted cocktails on the menu and a limited range of wine and beer. Winner: Imbibe Menu of the Year 2017/18 / Icons of Gin World Gin Awards UK Gin Bar of the Year 2018/19 / Icons of Gin World Gin Awards 19/20 World Gin Bar of the Year / 19/20 Independent Birmingham Best Cocktail Bar Imbibe Menu of the Year Gin Menu of the Year 16/17. 40 St Paul’s has been gaining popularity as a new hangout- a specialty bar carrying over 100 different kinds of gin was sure to be a hit in a city obsessed with the spirit. The little pub is located near the lovely St Paul’s Square in the Jewelry Quarter. 

It’s modest and exclusive, seating only 24 people, which adds to its allure. There is a wide variety of gins available, originating from all over the world and featuring a wide range of taste characteristics. Anty Gin, infused with genuine English ants to produce a zesty flavor, is one of the bar’s more unique options. A number of regular themed evenings and cocktail events combine the investigation of cuisine and culture with mixology and the diversity of gin. So, give it a chance if you want to taste some excellent cuisine and drink. Hence, this is one of the best bars Birmingham has to offer you. If you are in the city, we recommend you to visit this bar at least once.

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