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55 South is a craft cocktail bar, along with being a lounge. It offers classic specialty menus such as pisco sour, sidecars, French 75, Moscow Mule, and the State of Grace. So, they are all seasoned with raspberries, elderflower liqueur, and orange/lime/lemon juice. Sparkling wine is available. There is a regular happy hour and a limited menu that includes macaroni, cheese, burgers, and even appetizer-style dishes such as chicken marsala—a relaxed and lively hangout with innovative cocktails, draft beer, and live entertainment. Catering to the discerning crowd, 55 South provides a comfortable atmosphere for people to meet, relax and get together before and after an event or work. Live music and big-screen TVs bring a homely yet high-quality experience—lots of great drinks and creative food. Catch bottomless mimosa and french toast kebabs on Sunday! This bar offers takeout services as well. All the staff is fully vaccinated because of the covid virus pandemic. They care deeply for their own safety and for the safety of the patrons. 55 South’s food menu has many vegetarian options. So, if you’re vegan and are looking for a good bar to visit, then this is your place! This venue accepts credit cards and apple pay as forms of payment. There is outdoor seating available at the scene for the patrons. The main vibe of this bar is Classy with a mix of Casual. This place can be quite loud at times and it is a great place for groups to visit and dance. There is garage and street parking available. So, if you visit the bar you will not have to worry about finding a place to park. Their waiter service is friendly and impeccable. 55 South provides free Wi-Fi and live music to its patrons. The best nights at this bar are on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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