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56 North Bar Edinburgh, Guide & Review

If you want some fantastic burgers and a great selection of gin, then drop by 56 North. They have a kitchen and a space for a gin masterclass which you can take up too. If you start going through their spirits section, you will find that they have pages you must go through. Then there are also the tonics and 14 garnishings to choose from. They also have a gin garden which they open up where they have their parking. 

The place is hot and welcoming, and you will be at ease while you’re here. With clean and minimal decor, they focus more on the food and drinks and let them speak for themselves. The bar is a gray color with high chairs placed beside it. They have led lights around the space that change colors and set the mood. The shelves behind the bar have lots and lots of glass bottles stacked with light reflecting off of them. With huge windows at the front of the bar, lots of light comes in during the daytime and gives off a warm feeling. 

Yes, they focus more on gin, but those who do not like it can also have beers, wine, and cocktails. Their drinks menu is divided into chapters dedicated to Scottish gin, historic gin, spirits, wine, beer, and cocktails. If we start telling you what they have on their menu, you will spend a good hour just going through the options. The drinks aside, their food is above the average pub grub, with burgers and steaks cooked to your liking. They even have prawns, salmon, calamari, and more seafood dishes.

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