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7th Street Standard Bar Sacramento , Guide & Review

The 7th Street Standard is another upscale rooftop bar that also features an indoor dining area for patrons. This bar is relatively new hence houses unique and modern design elements which good lighting. The d├ęcor of this place is also top-notch, so the ambiance is fantastic as compared to other bars on this list. This bar offers a unique culinary experience where you can also enjoy the handcrafted cocktails of expert bartenders who know the importance of a nicely curated drink. Moreover, the refined dining ambiance allows you to relax and absorb the best of what Sacramento offers fully. The bartenders and the waiters are professional and will tend to all your dining needs, making sure that you feel relaxed to enjoy your meal and drink.
A bar and dining place, which houses some of the most qualified chefs of the region and expert bartenders, 7th Street Standard is known to be a hotspot among the elite class of Sacramento. The menu has a lot of diversity in it as well. However, the showstoppers are the local beer brews they offer which are sourced through some of the best brewers and distilleries in the area. The extensive range of craft cocktails also adds to the charm.
There are nine signature cocktails, which are priced at around $15. These include Desert Palm, Honey Badger, Them Apples, MOXF, and the Scarlett letter. Desert Palm is made by mixing Blanco Tequila, Cucumber, lime, and other extracts. The ingredients are fresh and are also sourced locally! Apart from this, the Scarlett letter is another famous drink among the patrons. This drink comprises Mezcal, Aperol, Bergamot, Pomegranate Shrub, and grapefruit elements, giving it a unique taste. There are several craft beer variations apart from Cider and Seltzer. This bar also offers white, red, sparkling, and the most famous pink wine for more variety!

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