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Córdova is a modern, low-key cafe & bar offering espresso, cocktails, wine & Mediterranean-inspired eats. Cordova is a new café in St-Henri that specializes in Spanish tapas, excellent coffee, and soon-to-be-delicious wines (still waiting for that Quebec liquor license!). Cordova, which debuted at the end of February 2018, is the brainchild of Anthony Benda (Myriade), Aaron Polsky, and Elayne Teixeira-Millar. Allow us to tell you about the space. Córdova’s gleaming white design, bright pops of color, and blonde wood bar top all have a sunny feel. The plants add a touch of greenery, and the subtle alternative-pop soundtrack gives it a distinct vibe. So, who will you encounter there? During the day, this café-turned-Spanish bar draws workers hunched over laptops. Some workers sip excellent third-wave coffee and others who sip mediocre but beloved Labatt 50 beer. 

Friends join them as the day progresses. Because the venue is small, the crowd remains civilized—ideal for a casual conversation. When sitting down to work or hanging out with friends, what should you order? Classic cocktails like Negronis, Old Fashioneds, and Martinis are a safe bet here. Excellent white wine is also on tap, as are 750-milliliter bottles of Labatt 50, the old-is-new-again trend in hipster bars around town. The price is reasonable on all counts. And what if you get hungry? The kitchen prepares Spanish Conservas—tinned fish—with care and the flavorful vision of “MasterChef Canada” winner Aaron Polsky. Sardines are served with hearty rye bread from Hof Kelsten bakery, and delicate anchovies are served with a crunchy toast crumble on soft-boiled eggs. Other Spanish snacks include jamón serrano, chorizo Iberico, and tomato bread. 

Will the bartenders help you navigate the menu? The staff is small, but so is the establishment; everyone appears enthusiastic about the offerings and will gladly explain the ingredients. When and why should you visit Córdova? During the day, this is an excellent location for a pre-lunch meeting or a mid-afternoon snack. Everything in this bright Saint-Henri spot is inexpensive, tasty, and simple. Sabrina Barazin’s design talents have resulted in a bright, airy space that seats 25 people. Córdova is bright and cheerful, and the overall decor is simple but effective. The art application on the wall behind the bar adds a splash of color and depicts what appears to be an arcade of various buildings reminiscent of a plaza in Spain. The coffered ceiling in the entrance is an excellent design element, and the pendant lighting over the bar adds a unique and modern touch.

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