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A fabulous cocktail bar with a great view on the corner facing Rittenhouse Square. a bar is a cocktail bar located in Walnut Street, Philadelphia, United States. It’s a narrow bar serving upscale New American dishes & cocktails in a sleek, contemporary setting. On any given night, it’s filled with a combination of first dates and people who work in the area stopping by for a quick meal with a couple of coworkers, but they also like it for a solo meal on the weekend after a long day of shopping in Rittenhouse. The menu is pretty solid all around, but the oysters and ricotta tartine are the best things here. 

Natural and organic wines and craft cocktails, delicious food & tasty snacks, nice wine selections, very hip design style, friendly, knowledgeable and engaging staff, very nice appetizers, wonderful brunch, great location, and cozy ambiance. Talented and social bartenders create a great vibe for locals as well as out of town visitors. This place is also cool because it has an amazing rooftop.

What a brillant, cozy little bar just on the perimeter of Rittenhouse Square. The a. bar is a great location to be seen, all glass right at the corner. This is an awesome place to stop by to have a drink, they have so many different selections to choose from. It’s a wonderfully chic yet approachable bar. Highly recommended you visit this place for an amazing experience. Definitely it’s a great place to have a seat at the bar and grab a cocktail or two. Highly recommended!

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