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Abigail Street Bar Cincinnati, Guide & Review

Named after what was originally 12th street, Abigail Street is a welcome escape from work and a hectic day. The restaurant/bar is famous for its tapas. Their serving style is meant for sharing, so don’t forget to bring some friends. From the friendly servers to the food they ring to your table, the long wait is worth it if you drop by on the weekend. There are specialty dishes like batata, wood-grilled hanger steak, and scallops, and they have ricotta and honey, the perfect combination for dessert. The housemade ricotta will have you wanting more.  

Everyone here is aggressively happy and waiting to shower you with warmth in this cozy little space. Even with a heavy load, their service is not affected much. They offer wine on daft, which is one of a kind thing here in the city. They have cuisine inspired by Spain, France, Turkey, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, and other Mediterranean areas. You won’t be surprised if you see such dishes at a restaurant with white tablecloths, it is that good. They do not take any reservations, so you better drop by on time.  

The space is long and narrow, with the bar on one side and small tables on the other. There are wooden furnishings and leather booths. The walls are exposed brick which goes with the whole color scheme. The serves help you choose what wine to pair with your order which will compliment the flavors best. Grab a seat by the bar if you’re just here for the wine. We can also tempt you to try the prosciutto and egg crostini. You won’t regret it.  


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