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They bring you a casino gaming experience! Ace High Casino offers the best casino game entertainment outside of Las Vegas! Turn hotels, banquet centers, corporate facilities, etc., into casinos! They serve the metropolitan areas of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Minnesota and their surroundings in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Dakota. They provide the highest quality gaming tables and professional dealers available for all games that can keep all guests gathered and entertained! Ace High Casino offers interactive casino and carnival entertainment for corporate and private events. They provide game tables and other entertainment options at your favorite venue. It offers multiple themes and exciting pricing options. Having fun is a serious task, so help plan a fun and enjoyable event. Ace High has provided casino and carnival party entertainment for over 20  years. Whether you’re 50 or 1200, they bring Las Vegas-quality games to meetings and events. They offer parties from customer appreciation to corporate holiday parties to house parties. Their inventory includes a variety of game tables, chips, custom fringe table lampshades, video horse racing equipment, betting/window props, and staff. They provide all guests assistance in learning the games they offer. It supports the holding of events and brings the atmosphere of a casino or carnival to various places. In addition to hotels and banquet facilities, events are held on riverboats, under tents, and in caves. Call them for more information! Their commitment to quality and professionalism and their reputation for caring for all events is why Ace High Casino has attracted the best staff in its business. Whether they are in your home, your business location, or another location, you can rely on us to pay attention when setting up, dismantling, and moving equipment. They employ a  variety of traders, from retirees to recent college graduates. Arrive early and put on your uniform. These are part of the quality, and that’s why their customers come back to us every year for their entertainment needs.

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