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Acropolis Greek Taverna is a vibrant destination offering classic Greek cuisine plus frequent live entertainment. This Greek restaurant is a breath of fresh air in the middle of bold Latin American flavors. The round blue sofas, pristine décor, and authentic flavors from the islands of Greece make this spot special. So, must-try items include Caesar salad, Pastitsio, Gyro Wrap, Greek Souvlaki, and Fried Kibbe. The falafel bowl and falafel slider are customer favorites, according to reviews. You can also cater or book personal events here at the Acropolis. Acropolis Greek Taverna in New Tampa is a Tampa Bay landmark and a vibrant restaurant in New Tampa close to USF, Busch Gardens, Moffitt Cancer Center, and Wesley Chapel. They offer delicious Greek cuisine and friendly service. They are the ideal spot for lunch with coworkers, happy hour drinks with friends, or an intimate date night. 

They have something to offer everyone: A great selection of appetizers (tapas), sinful finger foods (gyros), traditional entrees, and some of Tampa Bay’s best seafood dishes! And don’t forget their specialty drink menu and hookah flavor selection! Have us cater or host your next private or corporate event! They offer a wide variety of delicious items on their menu, including authentic dishes made with only high-quality ingredients such as their signature Acropolis Salad, Spanakopita, and Acropolis Seafood. They encourage you to come in and taste some of the most excellent Greek food in Tampa Bay while taking in the sights and sounds that make Acropolis Greek Taverna so unique. They want you to feel welcome and excited when you enter one of their restaurants! 

Acropolis Greek Taverna serves the most excellent Greek food in the Tampa Bay region and provides the best overall Greek experience! In addition to amazing Greek cuisine, they also have belly dancing on the weekends, plate breaking, napkin throwing, and Zorba dancing! Their restaurants provide a superb dining experience in a high-intensity environment, complete with belly dance, plate breaking, napkin tossing, Zorba dancing, and live music, all to recreate the ancient culture of the Greeks and give it to you in a dining experience unlike any other. Their goal is to provide our guests with an unforgettable Greek experience. Their culinary staff takes the time to ensure that exceptional foods are given to their clients, and their service team members guarantee that the experience is delightful from start to finish. 

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