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Alley Cat Lounge Bar Savannah, Guide & Review

Alley Cat Lounge is located in a cave underground with a speakeasy vibe. With exposed brick walls and ambient light, a live, low-light bar sounds like a side study. With over 500 spirits, this bar is among the most impressive cocktail and spirit lists in Savannah and has some of the best mixologist staff in town. Doesn’t it matter if you’re not into cocktails? You can either order wine or beer if cocktails don’t appeal to you. This is the kind of bar where your cool, well-groomed uncle drinks old whiskey. You’ll see a lot of familiar moments, but people out of town with good taste will come in there.

With over 500 spirits, this bar is between Savannah’s impressive list of cocktails and spirits. The menu is designed as a newspaper – called “Alley Cat Rag” – and is divided into sections. Try a house cocktail like “Rosa Rose,” or find a favorite offered entirely in the Classics category. You don’t get into cocktails? 

Alley Cat Lounge has some of the best mixologist staff in town. Bartenders have an incredible amount of information about the spirits and the history of the cocktail.

This is where you come in to celebrate a special event with high-quality whiskey.

Alley Cat Lounge has a cool, collected speakeasy feel but without any arrogance or pretense. The menu comes in the form of a real newspaper, printed on thin, waxy paper and cut in half. Alley Cat Rag has seen nine programs whose pages are grouped into sections such as “Infusions and Originals,” “Tiki Time,” and “World Cocktails.” 

Here, choosing a cocktail is not just an art but a challenge. Sometimes, it is best to let the ending choose you: If you feel unsure, you can order a cocktail based on your horoscope. Capricorns, a menu that appropriately compliments them on sharing the brand with Michelle Obama and Dolly Parton, can enjoy Poinsettia, a holiday-inspired cocktail made with cranberry, curacao, and sparkling wine. Bullish Taurus can order Bullfighter.

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