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Alligator Lounge New Jersey, Guide & Review

Alligator Lounge is an amazing karaoke bar in New Jersey. In this no frills bar, budget drinks come with free pizza as well as karaoke, pool & Skee-Ball. Alligator Lounge has a great location right off the L and G train lines and a pretty typical beer selection. This place is seriously the best karaoke bar in town. Chill, good pizza, good beer menu. This is a great place to hang out with like-minded individuals. 

Alligator Lounge features delicious & strong drinks that are reasonably priced – incredible drink specials; friendly prompt service; great pool tables – decent pool competition; delicious cocktails; comfy couches; chill ambiance; friendly, attentive & welcoming staff; chic decor; stylish interior design; several TVs, blast trivia nights; and good selection of cheap beer. This place has everything you could need. What more can you ask for? When all else fails, Alligator Lounge delivers. How can you beat a reasonably priced drink and a personal pizza for free? How do they do it?

Alligator Lounge always has different events each day of the week. 10/10 highly recommended for an amazing and unforgettable karaoke experience in New Jersey. Definitely a good spot to hit with a group of friends. A place for friends to meet and have heartwarming moments. Definitely worth the visit if you’re a local or a visitor.

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