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Al’s Bar & Grill Kansas City, Guide & Review

Al’s Bar & Grill has some of the best wings in Kansas City. Get in and just have a seat. Hometown bars feel a little on the small side, so I would recommend coming during off hours unless you don’t mind making friends. Great spot to watch the Chefs play. Great spot for any sports events you want to watch, but get there early or there may not be a spot left – the place is almost always totally packed!

A local legend! Picture the perfect neighborhood bar and grill. All authentic, from the decor to the menu to the smiles on staff and patrons alike. Al’s from Buffalo, so don’t skip the wings! Al’s Bar & Grill features friendly, attentive and professional waitstaff – they treat you like a family; delicious food & wings are big & hot; good & plenty of drinks that are reasonably priced & great drink specials; good vibes; great atmosphere; very local cool vibe; great crowd – everyone is just friendly; lots of TVs to catch up with your favorite game; plenty of comfy seatings; great service; great friendly folks; and great delicious sauces. What else do you need in a sports bar? Best little bar in the Kansas City area tenderloin sandwiches are amazing and it’s hee Haw Thursdays and real authentic buffalo style buffalo wings.

The kind of place you want to hang out as long as you can. What a great hole in the wall place that has great food. The best friendliest place in town everyone always enjoys. Family owned and very caring. 100% recommended for an amazing and unforgettable experience in Kansas City.

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