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Opened by proprietor Ravi DeRossi and bartender Sother Teague in 2011, Amor y Amargo is America’s first and foremost bitters tasting room. For nearly a decade, we’ve stirred up drinks spotlighting Italian Amari and cocktail bitters in New York City’s East Village. 

Stop by our East Village retail shop to stock up on bitters, barware, and Amari to bring back some of the Amor y Amargo experience to your home bar. Stop by the shop and pick up some AyA barware for your home bar. Grab a drink while you shop and even get cocktails to go. This place never ceases to intrigue the imagination and excite the taste buds. One of my favorite hide-outs in the city. CHEERS! Amor Y Amargo features great specialty drinks, amazing hospitality 10/10, amazing creative cocktails, delicious food, great bitters, helpful bartenders,  and a great fun atmosphere. 

Wonderful spot with an amazing menu. The hospitality is the best part though. Super cool bar! Amor y Amargo Reserve, wow. Intimate, personable, and passionate. You can taste the amount of thought and attention for each drink and dish (vegan) pairing. Highly recommended for a good date for those seeking a sense of normalcy in our new social environment.

A bartender with an amazing ear and the sense to craft cocktails to match each individual palate, a rare treat imbued with the subtle and the sublime.

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