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Apotheke New York, Guide & Review

If you’re looking for something different, the Apotheke bar in New York is the place to be! Cool tasty drinks. Join Apotheke’s Mixology Team at Apotheke Academy and learn Apotheke’s unique approach to mixology, cocktail fundamentals, and proper use of mixology tools. Perfect for dates, team building, or for the aspiring home mixologist. 

Apotheke bar is a unique spot that features friendly bartenders, chic décor, nice live band music, and unique drinks. Mixing a drink at Apotheke is art + science! So fun to watch the bartenders. Amazing menu and fun live music. Highly recommend! It’s an awesome secret place! what a wonderful surprise! The drinks and atmosphere are great. The cocktail menu was very interesting and unusual. At Apotheket there’s a lot of people dancing so it is a good place if you want to have a little dance. So lovely.  The cocktails are divine!!!

This spot is hidden pretty well in Chinatown and visible only by a small sign that says, CHEMIST. But Lord is this place amazing! Some of the coolest cocktails I’ve ever seen. Served by bartenders wearing lab coats. I had a Siren’s Call, my girlfriend the Pink Panther. Both were excellent. The atmosphere is speakeasy-like and almost looks like something out of Alfred Hitchcock. I loved it! The atmosphere was buzzing, with loud music and general chit-chat from the many patrons inside, not that you would have known this on approaching outside. When we arrived there was no door security personnel, but as we were leaving we noticed a male staff member checking entrants & dress code, etc.

The menu was inventive and the decor was so thoughtful and interesting. It’s definitely an awesome local hangout. Fun Place for one or two drinks.

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