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Apt 503 Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Are you looking for an amazing rooftop bar in Los Angeles? Apt 503 is the place to be! It’s an instagrammable lounge, has a cool outdoor rooftop area, various indoor living room type areas, and bars outside and in. Hidden in a low-key modest office building in Koreatown lies one of the best kept secrets in Los Angeles. It’s a playful nightspot with cartoony decor, featuring signature cocktails, DJs, dancing and an outdoor area. Apartment 503 is an invite house party like no other. 

Apt 503 is an amazing spot featuring great music; scenic views; great relaxed atmosphere; friendly and attentive staff; plentiful parking space; nice fun crowd; amazing happy hour; lots of seats if you get tired dancing; late-night menu; great live music; nice ambiance; chic decor; fun decor & arts; creative tasty drinks; and nice vibes. This venue is only worth mentioning due to it’s avant-garde Alice In Wonderland-like decor, which made for the perfect photo op. Much of the decor was being projected onto the walls, thus making it also great for the optical illusion lover.

This is such a cool venue. The venue is super spacious, with a good amount of indoor space and even more outdoor space. The atmosphere and decor is all fun and cheesy, but that’s what makes this place unique. The venue is a great place to be on a weekend, to get your groove on. Overall Apt 503 is a cool spot to go drinking in Los Angeles. Definitely it’s a highly recommended venue to check out for an amazing experience in Los Angeles.

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