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Art Bar is an artsy nook in the Crosstown Concourse. The Art Bar at Crosstown Arts is unique. It has old furniture and trinkets, a record player, and comfortable seating places ideal for private gatherings and interaction—the bar top functions as a type of art museum, with rotating installations. The menu includes a carefully chosen selection of wines, artisan beers (including Hamm’s), and artistic, cutting-edge cocktails prepared with local, fresh, and foraged ingredients from Memphis and worldwide. So you want to check out Crosstown Concourse, Memphis’ vertical urban village? Stroll and shop on the ground level before ascending the crimson spiral staircase to the second story. Look for an aperture in the walls that reveals Art Bar among the galleries. Slip inside for a signature cocktail or anything from the exclusive wine selection, and mix it with delectable finger snacks. 

Each month, a different artist’s work is shown in the pub, giving it a constantly changing creative ambiance. Crosstown Arts’ Art Bar is a full-service bar that serves a curated variety of wines and craft beers and a menu of innovative, cutting-edge cocktails. Cocktails on the menu are prepared using locally sourced, fresh, and foraged ingredients from Memphis and worldwide. A small corner behind the gallery space provides vintage decor and balanced libations. Art Bar, located on the second floor of Crosstown Concourse, is a work of art in and of itself (and an impeccable portrait backdrop if you care to create art while imbibing). Each space at Art Bar is furnished with vibrant mid-century objects and designed in a little different hue and feeling, and traveling from one chamber to the next seems a little like being within a mood ring. 

There are old paintings and little ceramic figurines of dogs and cats around the space – just the right amount of kitsch. Here’s the secret: Art Bar is an excellent location to spend time, and their nonalcoholic products are so appealing that even a retired drinker like myself can have a great evening there. I had alternatives, the holy grail of a beverage menu for a nondrinker. Replenish Kombucha (locally brewed!) is now available on tap at Art Bar in three flavors: sweet ginger, lavender, and hibiscus berry. I can vouch for all three, but I was looking for something a little more delicate, and Art Bar delivered. “90 in the Shade” (pepper and basil simple syrup, grapefruit, Topo Chico) was served in a tall glass with a rosemary sprig.

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