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Aspen & Meursault is a wine bar, café, and online shop aiming to deconstruct the natural wine world by serving low-intervention, sustainably sourced food and drink. The wine shop, bar, and café’s service revolves around knowledge and service. This enables us to fully comprehend the advantages of organic, biodynamic, and low-intervention agricultural systems. How they can benefit us, the environment, and what is vital to each of us individually. The award-winning wine bar “Diogenes the Dog” designers have created a real independent wine bar on your doorstep in lush Battersea. Aspen & Meursault, brought to you by the owners of the well-known wine Diogenes The Dog, is another exquisite ode to all things grape. A yellow-washed gem in Battersea, come over for natural wines, biodynamic alternatives, and plenty of small appetizers. 

The goal of Aspen & Meursault is to demystify the world of intervention wines. Fronted by the designers of the award-winning wine bar Diogenes the Dog, their newest Battersea location defies notions about minimal intervention in fruit and wine by putting service and expertise first in a warm and unpretentious atmosphere. The list includes everything from old-school classics with a natural twist to up-and-coming places leading organic or biodynamic movements. The café opens in the morning and gradually transforms into a wine bar at night and a wine shop during the day. Brunch is provided from Thursday through Sunday till 5 p.m. Oysters, truffled eggs, seasoned chorizo, cucumber cured salmon, and morcilla are best eaten in the afternoon with a carafe of something bubbly! 

Every visit is an experience that will transform one’s view on wine, and it’s all presented with small plates and snacks to create a night of it. Boozy cheeses, baked Camembert, cured meats, spicy chorizo nibbles, and more are on the menu. Because the facility is limited, reservations are strongly advised. If you appreciate the notion of biodynamic and minimal-intervention wine but aren’t sure where to start, Aspen & Meursault is an excellent place to start. From the guys behind the exquisite Elephant and Castle neighborhood wine bar Diogenes the Dog, this delightful Battersea bar strives to demystify natural wine without being poncy. Sip from bottles of approachable classics, vintages, and funkier numbers in a super-cozy setting (it has a fireplace!). This charming wine bar, located just off Battersea Square, is an excellent addition to Battersea. A buddy and I went this week, and the staff was terrific and attentive.

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