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At Random is a comfortable vintage club noted for its ice cream beverages. On a chilly winter night, few bars are cozier than At Random. It is a Tiki bar serving specialty ice cream drinks & cocktails (no beer or wine) in a dimly lit venue. At Random is Bay View’s Classic Cocktail Lounge, open since 1964. They specialize in ice cream drinks and classic cocktails. Patio Seating is now available on our beautiful Ice Cream Social patio. The Milwaukee institution was just acquired by the same people that own Bryant’s but don’t worry. They haven’t changed anything except for having regular hours. The beverage selection, particularly the ice cream drinks, is extensive and is still served with a cookie wrapped around the straw. The lighting is still black, and the feeling is still tight. 

If you haven’t been here in a while, make a point of stopping by for a grasshopper or blue tail fly in a pleather booth. From a vinyl booth drenched in orange light, we appear to be at a soda fountain that hosted a wild Christmas party in 1965. Then he paused the clock for 50 years. A father and son team painstakingly pour liquor into punch bowls, creating the same Singapore Slings they’ve been making for decades. At Random in Bay View has the feel of an old cocktail lounge and is known for its various ice cream drinks. At Random also has a large patio where people can order popular summer drinks like Dole whips and mai tais. At Random has evolved with its new owner, John Dye of Bryant’s and The Jazz Estate fame, and is no longer simply the gloomy (quick face-lift) restaurant offering sweet, nostalgic ice cream beverages. 

He cautiously spruced up the space and introduced a menu of traditional drinks like the Toreador (similar to a margarita) and French martini. Only those who are seated will be served, according to one of the house rules. This is why it’s called a lounge. Since 1964, At Random has been offering Bay View specialty drinks. At Random, located at the intersection of Russell and Delaware, is a time capsule with retro ice cream concoctions, vintage cocktails, Naugahyde, and swag lighting. In 2018, Ron and Shirley Zeller retired, handing up the mantle to John Dye of Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge and The Jazz Estate to ensure that At Random continues to exist for future generations.

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