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Atlas Tap House is the newest addition to the Grand Strand’s brewpub scene, but it’s not only beer that’s drawing crowds to this downtown hot spot. It’s a laid-back hangout with a vast range of specialty beers, bourbon, burgers, and BBQ sandwiches. Atlas Tap House, located directly across from the Myrtle Ocean Boardwalk and one street from the beach, has also established itself as a must-visit among whiskey connoisseurs. Atlas Tap House has been attracting consumers who appreciate the different flavors and strains of beer and whiskey, with more than 30 unique varieties of bourbon to combine with its 100-plus special brews. Atlas Tap House has a distinct culinary selection, ranging from house-smoked meats to chicken or fish tacos. 

The inside features billiard tables and TVs dedicated to sports, while an outside terrace provides breathtaking views of the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel and the downtown district. We recommend Atlas Tap House because of its mix of outstanding food and drink and its ideal location, making it a must-visit when downtown. At the same time, the bars on Ocean Boulevard are crowded to the brim. Head one block inland to this more secluded area. This property has housed a variety of pubs over the years, but Atlas Tap House appears to have finally struck a winning combo — craft beer, whiskey, and house-smoked barbecue.

Though the cuisine is delicious, the major draw here is the beer list, which is both broad and unusual. The bar usually offers a dozen or more beers on tap, and the expert staff can assist you in finding the appropriate drink for any taste to help you cool off from the hot summer sun. The atmosphere varies depending on whether you want to watch a game, hang out at the bar, sit outdoors, and play Giant Jenga or cornhole. As the competition of removing and stacking enormous pieces of rectangular wood heats up, the outside crowd can become a little rowdier. (It’s scarier than it sounds.) Inside is very relaxed, with many bar games like pool and darts to keep you entertained while you wait for dinner or hang around.

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