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Attaboy Bar Nashville, Guide & Review

Jason Seiden, Micky McIlroy, and Sam Ross, the owners of Well Favoured Hospitality were attracted to the food and art scene in Nashville, which then led to the opening up of Attaboy. The all-time famous Attaboy is a minimal-style speakeasy coming here from New Tork. The best part? There is no menu. Everything is personalized and chilled on ice. ‘Its cocktails are accorded near mythological status by connoisseurs’; this is what they have to say for themselves. Unlike its other branch, this one at least has a sign painted on one of the walls and a patio. There are a lot of bars, shops, restaurants, and businesses in the area around the bar, which attracts a lot of crowds to the place. 

You just have to knock on the door, and one of the staff members will guide you if seats are available. The mixologist asks you a few questions about your tastes and preferences, and then you leave it up to them to serve you a mix of their choice. There are larger booths and more minor, more private sitting areas. Opening at 5 pm, it stays open till 3 am for you all. With a lot of fun, creative people living in the city, it felt like the best spot for a bar like this. Only those who like to experiment would be willing to try it out. 

In describing Attaboy, Seiden said: “It’s the most comfortable, cool, unpretentious place you would want to have a drink, and it’s about elevating your evening, not changing direction. It’s good cocktails, rock ‘n’ roll, and a perfect time.` They charge a flat rate for cocktails. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients, such as cheeses and charcuterie, will also be available on the menu. The place will be open for you to try out seven days a week. 


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