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Awake Bar Denver, Guide & Review

Welcome to Colorado’s largest selection of nonalcoholic beer, wine, spirits, and elixirs at Awake. It focuses on socializing, minus the drinking part. It aims to normalize and embrace the sober lifestyle. ‘Sobriety fosters genuine connections and relationships, according to the owners. Come here to talk, listen and relax with your drink of choice. The bar is very welcoming, with a neon sign that says’ Together, we wake up.’ You can order some caffeine or drink for yourself, whatever you are in the mood for really. Their shop is also open for you to take a bottle or two with you as you leave. 1% of sales and 10% of profits go to local charities. Other than this, all of their ingredients and sustainably sourced. You could book the place for an event, and everyone will remember the expensive interior and the patio space. The community has supported this initiative as people believe one has to drink alcohol to socialize, but Awake is breaking the norm. You could have a margarita, gin, or tonic and still drive back home! How cool is that! The floor-to-ceiling windows, velvet stools, and live music make the experience very relaxing.


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