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B.B.’s Lawnside BBQ Kansas City, Guide & Review

The tradition of Bar-B-Q and blues in Kansas City had its start in the 1930’s when Count Basie, Joe Turner and Charlie Parker hung out at the Old Kentucky Bar-B-Q near 18th and Vine. The granite stones that were used to build B.B.’s Bar-B-Q pit in 1950 came from the gravel streets downtown where they served as crosswalks .. perhaps Joe Turner once high stepped across these granite stones. The granite stones hold heat, allowing a slow-smoked cooking process. 

Bringing great BBQ to hungry Kansas City blues music fans for over 30 years. Totally casual atmosphere and live music venue sure to please all the blues music fans within an earshot! Easy to find with plenty of free parking. Barbecue is eaten at communal picnic tables in this no-frills roadhouse joint with live blues. B.B.’s Lawnside BB features a neat atmosphere; delicious food; perfect service; amazing band; and awesome live music. Wow what an exciting place to eat. The staff are wonderful and the food is outstanding. I recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for the best BBQ in KC Missouri.

B.B. ‘s Lawnside BB is a family style seating. Great spot! This place is great! It’s highly recommended checking out this spot for an amazing jazz experience in Kansas City.

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