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Back Door Tavern Gatlinburg, Guide & Review

Back Door Tavern is the best  dive bar in Knoxville on the second floor of the building whose lower level holds open wood-paneled rooms. If you love dive bars, you’ll love the Back Door Tavern. Everyone knows that this is the place to go for a big fish sandwich. Bar is very cozy with a dozen or so craft beers on tap and many more in bottles. They had a very large beer selection so that is nice too. 

Monday through Thursday from 1pm until 5pm (Cocktails only) and Friday & Saturday from 4pm until 9pm and Sunday from 1pm until 5pm. Back Door Tavern features friendly, attentive and professional staff & bartenders – it’s like having your best friend behind the bar; great beer selection; laid-back atmosphere; plenty of comfy seatings; delicious cocktails; great delicious food – go hungry and enjoy!. Wings are good, spicy chili that’s actually spicy (ask for onions and cheese if you like it that way). The Thursday chicken special sandwich with Rufus hot sauce is amazing. Fish on Fridays is always good, and my fav go-tos are the hot pepper burger and philly cheese steak; good service; inexpensive and giant portions; chic decor; great ambiance; diverse friendly and fun-filled crowd; amazing DJs; state-of-art lighting & sound system. Some picnic table type seating is great for a group.

Great place to just hang out! Always a good time. Really cool dive bar. Highly recommended checking out for an amazing and unforgettable experience in Gatlinburg. You’ll definitely not be disappointed!!

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