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Backbar Boston, Guide & Review

Backbar is the best cocktail bar in the Boston area. It’s at Backbar that if you can’t define what cocktail you’re in the mood for? No problem, talk to their staff about finding a custom beverage

for you! Backbar opens Tuesday – Sunday from 5 pm – 12 am. No reservations, walk-in only, first come first serve. A long-time fan of the back bar – and highly recommended cocktail bar in the Boston area. It’s remarkable when a place can be this consistent over so many years. Service, quality, and attention to detail are superb – and yet no two visits are the same, thanks to the rotating menu of amazing specials they routinely whip up. Funky intimate vibe – not to be missed. What’s nice is that there is a corridor after the main red door. so if it’s like meow in the cold of winter, you really appreciate this while you wait inside. speaking of which, at the end of this corridor not only do you find the host/hostess but to your left is a room with about 4 bar stools. whiskey line the walls and you could have a sit and taste at your choice. 

Backbar features cocktail classes, and awesome creative cocktails and is well renowned for master craftsmanship, service, quality, and attention to detail are beyond consistent from an outstanding team, fun and relaxed atmosphere, tasty and strong drinks that are diverse and reasonably priced, stylish interior, the best boutique drinks in Boston, fabulous people, chic decor, delicious tasty food, incredibly super nice bartenders and servers, and amazing soft music. 

What a hip speakeasy bar and a unique date spot where you’ll savor some of the most uniquely memorable, and tasty cocktails. It’s just a fantastic place and experience. You’ll definitely never be disappointed with a trip to this place. Great place to unwind!

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