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Backstage Bar & Grill Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Are you looking for the best karaoke experience in Los Angeles? Head to Backstage Bar & Grill! Long time dive bar known for karaoke nights offering bar bites and happy hour in wood-paneled digs. The place is packed on the weekends and gets a lot of visitors for Sony Studios during the week. Backstage Bar & Grill is fun with a big selection of songs. This is a tiny place with lots of people. 

Backstage Bar & Grill features a nice crowd – Best Karaoke crowd in Los Angeles and a good mix of locals & during the week studio people come in, reasonable drink prices, variety of strong & tasty drinks, delicious food – very good menu selection, lots of TVs for your viewing pleasure, lots of seatings – indoor & outdoor seatings, efficient & professional security personnel, good vibes, dark & dim ambiance, great happy hour seven days a week, amazing happy hour, pool tables, friendly & professional staff, cheap tasty food, awesome service, great dark atmosphere, popular karaoke, and great delicious cocktails. The building itself is beautiful both inside and out. What more do you need from a Karaoke bar? This is the place to hang out with your friends for happy hour. 

Never pretentious and always have a good time here. Super casual and a good place to hang after work on Fridays. If you’re looking for a good Culver City hang, come head to Backstage Bar & Grill. This is a favorite after-work go-to, at least a couple of days a week. Highly recommended checking them out. Very homey and Hollywood at the same time and very charming.

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