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Baja Restaurant is a happening kitchen for surf’ n’ turf & cocktails, plus patio seating & live music. Quaint, long-running option offering surf’ n’ turf, cocktails & American brunch, plus patio seating. Unique restaurants like this make for special dining experiences in Virginia Beach. Located amid the dunes and cottages of southern Sandbridge but just 10 minutes from suburban development, The Baja is a bar-and-pizza joint turned seafood-specialty restaurant. They have Live Bands playing as well! So, call for the schedule. This spot is surprisingly good for one of the few food options in Sandbridge Beach! Service is fast and friendly. 

Lots of options for different types of eaters! The pizza is delicious, and you will love the cheese dip. They have very good portions, and the drinks are good too. It can be a little bit of a wait to get your food, but all in all, we would recommend it. Every year they host a surf contest just for their local community! 2014 was a hit as usual! Their tacos are very delicious and taste immensely fresh. All of it, their food, is excellent! After you are done eating and full, you can order more drinks and sit near the water to look at the sunset. The view is perfect. You will enjoy it and get some great pictures. 

On the way out, they have a bunch of shirts and hats for sale so that you can get a shirt with the place’s logo on the front and back. This is one fantastic local spot for good eats. They have excellent service, scenic location, tasty libations, and fresh seafood. So, we highly recommend the she-crab fries and Ahi Tacos. But whatever you decide to order, you’ll very likely enjoy it. Eat like a local! So, this is one of the best bars and eating spots for fresh seafood Virginia Beach has to offer! The scenery is a big plus! If you are visiting the town, we highly recommend you visit this place at least once! Bring your loved ones, pals, and your family for a satisfying and memorable time out.

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