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Bamboo Penny’s Kansas City, Guide & Review

Are you looking for an amazing rooftop bar in Kansas City? Look no further than Bamboo Penny’s. Bamboo Penny’s is an exciting new chef-driven restaurant concept featuring the culinary wizardry of The Chef, Penny’s Mufuka. Bamboo Penny’s in Leawood Kansas City is a refreshing Thai experience. Claiming the space between traditional cooking and contemporary craft, Bamboo Penny’s is bringing tropical Thai flavors to Leawood in style, showcasing bold flavors & fresh ingredients that encompass every color of the rainbow. Great place for sitting outside and the food and drinks are amazing. 

This is where “mild, medium, or hot” isn’t a question of preference, but a test of one’s courage. And where the colors green, yellow, and red all mean go for it. It’s where you can start or extend one’s adventure with a playful escape to the Bamboo Room – This Polynesian-inspired, rooftop venue serves up beautifully handcrafted cocktails & exclusive small bites for the daytime sunseeker or nighttime stargazer – complete with private elevator service & retractable rooftop. This is where two polished, yet playful & inviting destinations come together as one magnificent one day or night out.

Bamboo Penny’s always features delicious food; great excellent service; great ambiance; fantastic fare; good vibe; friendly, attentive and accommodating staff; scenic rooftop views; great ambiance; great outdoor space; delicious strong & tasty drinks – fun specialty drinks; expansive vegetarian options; a lot of good mocktails; amazing decor; plenty of comfy seatings; and plenty of sidewalks and upscale shops to explore. What a delightful Thai restaurant with great outdoor seating. They have an amazing space upstairs. 

This is definitely a place for a nice celebration or business dinner. Bamboo Penny’s is a beautiful hideaway. Highly recommended checking out Bamboo Penny’s for an amazing and unforgettable experience in Kansas City.

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