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Bar Botellon Portland, Guide & Review

Bar bouillon captures the essence of a European-style bar. Alan Hill owns the place, and Benjamin Allen aims to provide pump-style wine fills at prices that are even lower than those of the bottled ones. The fees range from $10 to $16 in general. The restaurant-bar is perfect if you’re on a budget, and their tapas are a must-have! It’s an excellent place for pre-drinking before diving into the food. You should try out their patatas bravas, fideua with shrimp, and gazpacho. 

The place is neat and has a rustic vibe to it. The sunlight enters the whole bar throughout the day with high glass windows on one side. You can opt to sit on the ledge by the window or the bar or grab a table. The table tops are wooden logs in their natural shape. You see a few hints of blue in the cushions; otherwise, the decor is primarily neutral. The marble top is an olive sort of color that complements the browns of the wood. One side of the bar is full of wine bottles from the ceiling to the floor; all are displayed for those visiting. Popular amongst the locals of Honour Ave, you are transported to a quiet European cafe where the lights are dim, and you grab a seat by the booth. The alfresco sitting area is dedicated to bigger parties with fairy lights hanging from above.   

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