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Bar Ikigai exudes minimalist feelings in a sophisticated and contemporary setting, making it one of Birmingham’s most upscale bars. Japanese influences everywhere, from ingredients like yuzu and miso to a love of ramen and sushi and even a minor fixation with cherry blossom. An Izakaya is a Japanese bar serving alcoholic beverages and food. These informal pubs are typically used for after-work beverages. A new bar in the Jewellery Quarter has opened up, inspired by the Izakaya tradition, and here’s why you should go to the Ikigai. As the name implies, the bar and its food are greatly influenced by Japanese culture. In the bar, they provide a variety of Japanese spirits and a thoughtful cocktail menu. The meticulously chosen cocktail menu focuses on seasonal Japanese ingredients and offers a variety of delectable, Japanese-inspired alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. 

The Ube Spiced Collins is an unusual and excellent example of its inaugural menu. Ube is a purple sweet potato originating from Southeast Asia that is infused with Haku vodka here. Enjoy exquisite sake, beer, and cocktails, or request a bespoke omakase-style drink created precisely to your taste from your waiter. Ikigai is a 32-seat venue hidden away in the loft space above 1000 Trades that offers table service for a selection of Japanese-themed cocktails, beers, wines, and non-alcoholic beverages. Bar Ikigai is an independently operated cocktail bar in Birmingham‘s Jewellery Quarter. Ikigai aspires for a high-quality cocktail experience with a calm ambiance and courteous, attentive, and competent service. At the same time, the comfort of the black velvet seats and tiny tables maintains a comfortable, intimate vibe. 

Ikigai’s minimalist architecture is the perfect backdrop for the cocktails, which speak for themselves – each with its unique tale that your pleasant server will tell you when it is brought to your table. The modest décor highlights the rich history of the Grade II listed building in which Ikigai is housed. At the same time, original exposed brick and industrial windows provide charm and character, and Tokyo Lo-Fi background music offers a perfect contrast. If you’re looking for sake, Ikigai is one of just a few Birmingham establishments that can offer it hot or cold in traditional containers. For a more personalized experience, Omakase allows you to order a drink from the menu tailored to your preferences by picking an alcohol, flavor, and length/style. The bar may be hired for informal parties and private events for up to 40 people.

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