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Bar Iris San Francisco, Guide & Review

Bar Iris is a  new cocktail lounge dedicated to innovative, playful cocktails and izakaya-type snacks in a chic, modern setting. This is the best place to spend time in an amazing cocktail bar in San Francisco. Bar Iris is the brainchild of hospitality industry professionals, offering quality beverages in a Japanese-inspired local lounge and parklet for those who wish to get away from the daily grind.  On the upper end of Polk street, bar Iris brings a refreshing outlook on craft cocktails not found anywhere else in the area. Besides serving delicious beverages, this place has successfully assimilated into the Russian Hill neighborhood and is a frequented hideaway for many of the neighbors in the area. 

Bar Iris features a menu of high-end Japanese-inspired cocktails created by Bar Manager. The bar’s signature cocktails use ingredients from Japan and are created with original flavor profiles expressed through a minimalist approach. Much reflecting the minimalistic and modern atmosphere of the bar itself. On the menu are the Pop Quiz with Japanese vodka, arangiu, floral fortified wine, mandarine, lemon; Wildcard with elderberry shochu, Amari, stone fruit, ramune, coconut and more. 

At Iris, as a team, they always strive to create a unique experience driven by a Japanese concept called “omotenashi” which encompasses wholehearted and genuine hospitality. Here you will get the best services and attention more than any other bar around. Bar Iris is a liquid extension of the restaurant, with cocktails, style of service, and ambiance inspired by Japanese culture and a detail-oriented mindset. This place offers  interpretation of artisanally crafted cocktails with extensive use of Japanese ingredients, a selection of fine sakes, wines, and an extensive Japanese whisky list. 

Don’t miss out on the amazing experience in this fantastic cocktail bar. Make sure to pay a visit.

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