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Moxy Austin-heartbeat University’s core center is Bar Moxy. Please stop in for a specialty drink (or three) with your best friends, or meet new ones in our big yet cozy lobby and open-air Backyard with fire pit seating. Consider Bar Moxy a bright new addition to the college district where you can socialize with the student populace. While there is an inside living area, step outdoors to enjoy a garden space complete with lounge seats, swings, arcade games, a fireplace, and delectable homemade beverages. Keep an eye out for themed events and deals like Fraternity Fridays, Sorority Saturdays, and “vintage” Mean Girls Wednesdays. Are you hungry? Fortunately, a 24-hour taco counter is located within the pub. 

Bar Moxy has an interior ‘living room’ and an outdoor ‘backyard,’ both lounge seating, fire elements, and specialty drinks. Mox on the Rox, Mo Moxy Mo Sangria, and The Professor are among the favorites. The hotel has a very “cool” feel that is carried throughout. It has a contemporary, European vibe to it. There is lots of sitting in the “lobby” and bar area, as well as a pleasant courtyard with picnic tables, different games, swings, and so on. Moxy Bar is a fantastic spot to unwind. And, if you are hungry, order tacos! They will make your stay pleasant. The excellent lobby/bar environment will pleasantly surprise you. So, words and images cannot do it justice. The staff is exceptionally polite, and there is a steady flow of people coming and leaving. The beverages will leave you speechless. Their Sangria is delicious! 

Try the Moxy Lady with the Double The Love. Both are excellent! The bar is located in the lobby, close to Zombie Taco. It adheres to a beautiful concept! The “backyard” is situated behind the bar and has fun seating, swings, ping pong, Jenga, fire pits, fans, and other amenities. The swankiest and most lively cocktail club on campus boasts sophisticated drink options, terrific music, and an all-star service team. Your lounge experience is complemented by quick-service Zombie Tacos, which adjoins the space in Hotel Moxy’s lobby. Have some fun! Reservations are accepted for parties of 8 to 20 people. 

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