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Bar Solita is a stylish Mediterranean choice offering comfort food, tapas & weekend brunch, plus cocktails. A Mediterranean tapas bar in Richmond‘s vibrant Arts District, Bar Solita’s cocktail menu features inventive drinks with influences from Italy, Greece, and North Africa. Sip on the Holiday in Catania, crafted with vodka, pomegranate liqueur, honey, and lemon, or the Boomslang, featuring rum, Madeira, curacao, and cinnamon. Those looking to transport themselves to a Greek island will have no shortage of Mediterranean favorites to select from the bar’s food menu, including a wood-fired Capocollo and arugula pizza with olive oil and crumbled feta. The lively vacation-style restaurant features flavors from Italy, France, Greece, Northern Africa, and the Middle East.

There are wood fired pizzas, tapas, entrees, kinds of pasta, and an inventive cocktail menu with a large selection of draft beers and unique wines. Great decor with private dining options. Impressive bar area. Great happy hour Monday-Friday 5-7. Private dining with incredible service & hospitality. Social spot with unique foods. They are locally owned. Woman-owned. Great date night spot with chic decor. Locals favorite. A bar large enough to fit all your friends. They have an impressive selection of beer, wine, and cocktails. Want something that’s not listed? Feel free to ask the bartender to make something special for you. Who needs a large dish when you can fill your stomach with multiple tapas? Grab a few friends and share some of their favorites, like the Empanadas or Papas Brava. They also provide vegan and vegetarian choices to their customers. They have something for everyone’s taste. 

Their wood-fired pizzas are unrivaled in the arts area. Pizzas are small enough to be enjoyed alone or with others. Your attitude instantly improves when you walk inside Bar Solita on West Broad Street in the city’s Arts District. The environment is lush and verdant, with walls that are a zephyrous palm green and soaring windows that let in light that fills the long, spacious chamber. To the left, a mural of figs, tropical birds of paradise and palm, and lemon trees can be found. The restaurant’s décor symbolizes the “glow of a vanished Paradise of plenty and splendor” described by British culinary writer Elizabeth David of Mediterranean cuisine, which she is credited with bringing to the Western world. Though Richmond is a long way from postwar England, we may all benefit from a little “light of a lost Paradise” in our lives. 

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