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A bar so good that they went twice. Yes, there are now two Bar Tulia, one on Fifth Avenue adjacent to Osteria Tulia and the other in Mercato. This quaint Italian pub’s two locations routinely serve great drinks and a vibrant clientele that knows how to get down with a bottle of wine and some antipasti. Bar Tulia, which bills itself as an Italian gastropub, grew up adjacent to its elder sibling Osteria Tulia, a livelier and younger counterpart with a more dynamic bar scene. Unlike traditional British or Irish pubs, the emphasis here is on handmade cocktails and great cuisine rather than beer. It DOES have “Birra” from Italy, Florida, and other places. 

The artisan cocktails range from classics to innovative concoctions with names like Don’t Call Me Pina, Basil Advice, and Devil’s Backbone. Fried pig ears, grilled fennel sausage, charred octopus, fish tacos, beef short rib burger, pizza, and spaghetti are among the favorites. We recommend this venue for Bars because Bar Tulia is the nightlife hot spot on Fifth Avenue South. Our expert tip: The Roman Ramen puts a hip spin on that old dorm-room standby with pork belly, sausage, mussels, and shrimp. Anyone who has had the absolute joy of dining there should not be surprised that it is ranked top. Bar Tulia is one of my favorite locations to grab drinks in Naples because of the rustic and cozy environment and the fantastic cuisine and beverages. Bar Tulia can be found off 5th Avenue, not far from Cambier Park and 5th Avenue Beach, among other amazing stores and restaurants. 

What I like best about Bar Tulia’s bar is that it nearly seems like you’re in someone’s home somewhere in the Italian countryside, being served hand-crafted drinks and gourmet pizza. This downtown Naples neighborhood dining bar invites wine fans, beer drinkers, and foodies together with its hip yet small tavern-style ambiance. Bar Tulia pays respect to hidden gems from tiny wineries and craft brewers locally and internationally while providing an all-night cuisine menu in the trendiest settings. Bar Tulia, open virtually every day until midnight delivers classic but modern pub grub with a rustic Italian touch to meet the palate of the sophisticated late-night clientele. So, ultimately, everything about this bar is excellent, and you will return after one visit. If you are in the city, we highly recommend that you visit this bar at least once. 

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