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As far as the architecture and aesthetic value of the bars of Chattanooga is concerned, there is no denying the fact that most of them are pretty well built and maintained; however, Barley is one of those bars which belong to the top league in terms of its ambiance. The setting of Barley is almost like it came straight out of a movie. The brick walls dimly lit by lamps give the bar a great look and increase its aesthetic value by a thousand folds. The stools and counter of the bar are also made to coincide with the overall look of the bar. In terms of ambiance and overall looks of a bar, Barley tops many bars.

It is not only the bar’s architecture that makes it look like a perfect Irish pub, but also the wine that is presented to the customers here is one of its kind. The wine offered here seems to have come straight from the exotic vineyards of Italy since it is delicious and relaxing to a great extent. Other alcoholic drinks are also served at Barley. The people of Chattanooga significantly love them, and even the people who come to visit are brought to Barley by their family and friends in order to have the time of their lives. In addition to wine, the cocktails of Barley are also roller coaster rides of flavors for those who drink them, and this makes Barley one of the best cocktail bars in Chattanooga.

In addition, the waiters serve the customers to the best of their abilities, and it is pretty evident that they take their work seriously as they carefully attend to all of your needs. Missing such a bar is a loss, so we better not do it and head to Barley at the first chance we get. 

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