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Bastion Bar Nashville, Guide & Review

Bastion means a place where an old idea keeps on surviving. Located in Wedgewood, Bastion is a warehouse-style bar offering draft beers, wine, and a cocktail selection. There is also a tiny restaurant sitting hidden behind an unmarked metal door. Paying $100 per person for booking and food, you experience dinner differently—dishes on the menu range from tofu and experimental salmon to comforting chocolate and pistachio pudding. The place is an art performance itself. You can order up to 15 dishes that aren’t that big so you can taste them all. Just be careful; your brains might get overwhelmed by all the tastes, colors, and variety of food in front of you. 

The space isn’t pretentious and offers comfort through beers, shots, and some simple cocktails. Don’t go in too hungry; the place only has nachos to provide, so it mainly focuses on drinks. You could try out some frozen drinks and daily punches. There are also a few different spirits, wines on the glass, draft and canned beers, and innovative cocktails on the menu for you to enjoy with your friends and loved ones. You can talk it out, relax and unwind or lend an ear to a needy friend. 

The area is full of creatives that need space to flourish. That place has its vibe with a long bar, high ceiling, built-in bleachers, and decor and furniture that has been refurbished. The fairy lights and indoor pergola make it feel like a patio indoors. You can also try your luck at a few games in the corner. The place is painted white from the outside but has no boards outside. A quote says, ‘never give up, and good luck will find you. 

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