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Battle & Brew is a gamers’ bar for Xbox & PC tournaments plus weekly geek trivia, with a full bar & pub-grub menu. A geek’s paradise known for its trivia night, Battle & Brew is a gaming meets bar venue in Sandy Springs. The dining room is open for business, as are the arcade games, but it’s also created an outdoor space that’s almost as fun. The space is known as BNB After Dark. The space is accessible from 7 pm to midnight Friday and Saturday. There are projectors and outdoor tables and plenty of drinks and snacks to order. So, Battle and Brew is Atlanta’s premiere geek, gaming, and eSports venue serving great food and beverages. 

It offers a wide range of entertainment, from video to tabletop games, all encompassed by its state-of-the-art sound and video systems. Play the hottest new games or reminisce with your old favorites from our vast collection of titles. Unique cocktails and fantastic food will energize you and have a great time all night long. So, they have something for everyone on their menu! They accommodate events large and small with full-building rentals or reserved gaming stations. Battle & Brew is the perfect place to host your next event and forge epic memories with friends and family! Therefore, this is the first established dining, drinking, and entertainment venue for gamers in the United States. 

Battle & Brew has been an integral part of the Atlanta region’s otaku, gamer, and otaku culture since 2005. Have an incredibly unique experience with great food, delicious drinks, an electric atmosphere, and a never-ending place for games! It covers games of all ages and abilities, from virtual reality to desktops, consoles, and PCs. They have the original, weird, and most challenging trivia in town. So, hundreds of uniquely made foods and drinks show ingenuity and disappointment. We strive to be a popular place for nerds, gamers, nerds, and more, ahead of all our competitors!

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