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Bavaria Brauhaus is a Split-level, German-style beer hall with wood-paneled walls for Bavarian brews & sharing plates. Bavaria Brauhaus is a German-style beer hall and one of Glasgow‘s most unusual bars. Every night of the week, you may enjoy splashing steins and zany decor, a selection of traditional food, and a genuine party atmosphere. Bavaria Brauhaus, which is transforming an A-listed building in the heart of Glasgow City, is inspired by one of Germany’s most famous beer halls, the Hofbräuhaus. Bavaria Brauhaus is a natural cavern of classic German physique. The interior decor, spread across two stories with mezzanine seating, echoes historic Bavarian institutions’ elaborate and dignified style, with a unique ceiling artwork commissioned by Glaswegian artist Nichol Wheatley. 

The cuisine and beverages are, of course, the spirit of this institution, where you can get your German fix right here in Glasgow with Schweinshaxe (pork knuckle), Schnitzel (veal), and classic Bavarian sausage. Regarding steins, Bavaria Brau Haus stays loyal to its roots as the birthplace of Germany’s largest and most infamous beer festival. Expect all the favorites, including Lowenbrau, Hofbrau, Augestiner, Paulaner, Hacken-Pschorr, and Spaten, as well as lots more surprises and an Alpine-inspired wine selection. We saw this lovely eatery as we went by on the airport bus after arriving in Glasgow for our foodie vacation and were keen to spend some time there. We hurried to the Bavaria Brauhaus after a booked supper somewhere (OK, ish). 

We were pretty surprised by the genuineness, the likeness to many such locations we’ve seen in Southern Germany. The beer was excellent – they must have followed the Reinheitsgebot, the Bavarian bee purity regulation – and the surroundings were lovely, and the employees were quite educated. A young employee took the time to pour us a batch of various beer tasters, which was an education in itself. After years of loving Bavarian beer, he found us some new tastes and new flavors, and we ordered appropriately. Sadly we couldn’t face more food, but if we had, we’d have enjoyed the wings, ribs, and especially Bratwurst. Great German beer – how lucky is Glasgow? By the way – did I say how gorgeous the decorations, flags, etc. are? I Booked for Friday 19th November. We were allocated a great table up on the balcony. I got a complimentary Prosecco as it was our wedding anniversary. The staff was friendly and attentive. My husband thought it was the greatest Schweinshaxe he had ever had.

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