BBWCupid, A Simple Review

Finding love as a plus-sized individual can be challenging, right? Unfortunately, this has been true for almost as long as we know it. But wait, we are now in 2020. The world is changing, developing, always adapting. This is the age of no-stereotyping, no body shaming, and no discrimination.

So if you are a plus-sized single and are looking for love, then BBWCupid can be the best place to find it. This online dating website has been developed to help plus-sized singletons find love, marriage, romance, and relationships. 

The fact is, there are innumerable people out there in the world who are ready to fall in love with someone, despite what they may look like. Many of them even actively seek out BBW singles. 

Well, if you are one, or are looking for one, then BBWCupid is the right platform for you. 

Why Should You Choose It?

The online dating world and social media can be brutal and discriminatory. Finding love on traditional dating websites can be challenging, if not impossible, for the BBW. But here is a website that specifically caters to all BBW singles from around the world. 

This website has birthed so many success stories for BBW individuals. The best part of it is just how open-minded and fun-loving the users are. There is a zero-tolerance policy for body-shaming and discrimination, which is excellent. 

If you have been shamed on social media or even in real life, BBWCupid will provide you with the safety, security, and comfort to be as comfortable as you want in your skin. Here, you don’t need to change anything about yourself!

What Is Its Unique Selling Point?

One of the best things about BBWCupid is that users from all over the world can join in to find love and relationships. If you’re worried about communication and language barriers, this website has taken care of it for you. There is a unique feature here, allowing you to translate text into different dialects.

Don’t let language or superficial body image issues come in the way of love. 

How Much Does It Cost?

You can choose to explore the website at just $1 initially. However, if you find it interesting as I did, you can subscribe to it for a small fee. 

1 month – $24.98

3 months – $16.66 per month

1 year –  $8.33 per month

Making a Profile

The process is straightforward and fun. Fill in your information, transfer a few pictures of yourself, and describe your ideal partner. You can choose to refine your preferences, so you receive better matches.

Matching With Someone

While you can send an alert or a message to free members, you cannot chat with paying members unless you subscribe. This works out fine, as the subscription fee is affordable and the features offered are pretty great. 

Once you match with a member, you can opt for video chatting services, language translation, send pictures on the site, and so much more!


  1. The great age range of users
  2. Match-making and language translation services
  3. Affordable 
  4. Easy website design
  5. Safe and secure


  1. Limited chatting options for free users
  2. Older men might find it challenging to match with age-appropriate users

Final Verdict

I think this online dating site is worth exploring. Of course, finding a match isn’t guaranteed, but the features are pretty great. It’s also relatively cheap, which is another good point.

Keep exploring!

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