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Beaches Weho Los Angeles, Guide & Review

The Beaches brand was born out of the locational real estate expertise of Matt Flinn, the creativity and ingenuity of Rene Aleksander Carta and management and staffing stylings of Logan Micheal Carta and Jacob Shaw. Beaches Weho is located in the heart of West Hollywood Beaches is a strong conceptually driven and fashionable LGBTQ + focused hybrid restaurant and lounge. Thoughtfully designed and curated, the location and design pays homage to the nostalgia of 80’s Miami disco culture while it’s food and drink to authentic family recipes from the Cuban Carta Family vault. 

Driven by the highest levels of energy, beaches are wholeheartedly rooted in not coming only the visual but also the experience delivered in a designer package. Utterly inspirational in look and infectious energy, you’ll want to be filmed climbing the staircase, photographed underneath the neon lights or lose yourself in the tropical jungle Walls. The two-story space offers two full bars and VIP seating areas where the guests can take a breather, have a cocktail or enjoy their one-of-a-kind California Cuban Cuisine. Enthusiastic patrons won’t be able to resist the pull of the energy on the main room equipped with first class lighting and sound system, the venue houses a DJ Booth with the latest DJ equipment, and bears projection. 

The Beaches motto is to be wild and free and look good doing it. Beaches Weho operates Tuesday through Sunday from 12pm to 2am. The bar features great delicious drinks, decent prices, delicious food, cheap happy hour drinks, great vibes, fun atmosphere, amazing music, great friendly crowd, excellent service and delicious cocktails. The bar has a perfect view of the colourful street lights and in the middle of the other bars in West Los Angeles. The style is unique and enough to stop by for a drink. Once you have that drink though the music and energy will have you there all night. Great bar all around.

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