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Beats Karaoke New Jersey, Guide & Review

Are you looking for a great karaoke spot in New Jersey? Look no further than Beats Karaoke. This rustic-modern karaoke spot with private rooms serving beer, sake & soju, plus Asian bar bites. A great place to go with your friends if you want to be silly and have a great time. This is always a great place to go at the last minute to sing a few songs. It’s a great place to celebrate. There’s also a public karaoke bar in the front if you’re into that. This still new-ish karaoke bar fills a much needed void in the neighborhood. 

Beats Karaoke operates Sunday through Thursday from 4:00 pm until 12:00 am, and Friday through Saturday from 4pm to 2:00 am. Beats Karaoke features delicious food that is freshly prepared and served hot; a friendly crowd; a variety of strong & tasty drinks that are reasonably priced; friendly, attentive, and welcoming staff; chic decor, plenty of comfy seatings; great bottle service; great karaoke for laid-back fun; great atmosphere; immaculate vibe; great & spacious & clean karaoke rooms -they offer multiple sizes depending on your group size; full ever-ready backup singers and new friends; great karaoke music – they’re pretty up to date with their music; and great delicious cocktails. This is a fun venue and the main bar area is wheelchair accessible. 

Beats Karaoke is such a blast! It’s highly recommended checking out Beats Karaoke for an amazing & unforgettable experience in New Jersey. Beats Karaoke will carry you through anything you only work out by singing into a mic at full volume. They won’t let you down. Cheers!!

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