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No matter what time, you may be transported to a tropical paradise at Bellhop Tiki Bar in the East Village, where it is unquestionably 5 o’clock. Think sophisticated tiki with tropical leaf decor, Palm Springs ambiance, and beverages like the Mai Tai, Painkiller, and Mojito. Relax in the heart of the Midwest. Take this: rum, toasted coconut cream, pineapple, orange, and nutmeg. Bellhop is a favorite of mine for happy hour or weekend outings for a tiki classic. Best piña colada I’ve ever had, and the painkiller drink is also phenomenal. The bartenders are incredibly efficient, helpful, and fun! They put exceptional effort into each drink with fresh ingredients, fun adornments, and unique glassware. A spot I love visiting and recommend it to all my friends! 

The drinks and atmosphere were great at Bellhop! It is an instant crowd pleaser with elaborate décor and drinks. I was pleasantly surprised by the drink menu as they offered many options outside the regular tiki bar. A MUST in the East Village!A fun and cozy bar that is unique to see at the east village location. My friend and I came in one weekend to try their drinks and were pleasantly surprised with their drink presentation. Not to mention they tasted fantastic. We also ordered from their holiday drink menu, and I am excited to try more of their drinks when visiting in the future. I ordered their coco Chanel, which was a sweet chocolate drink. I’m generally skeptical about chocolate drinks, but this one has a blend of orange, which helped balance out the sweetness. 

Since we showed up in the afternoon, no one else was there except us, so we found seating fine. They don’t have booths except for one large booth area. Fun drink options. Great service. Unique atmosphere. What more can anyone want from a bar? You need to check this place out! Highly recommend it! Upon walking in, you have traveled to an island paradise—lots of plants and tropical drinks. A DJ plays island-themed music. The bartenders are hustling away, making delicious fruity cocktails. It was fun to watch them create these treats. These concoctions are served in fun cups from a flamingo to a unicorn, complete with a hand-twisted straw—a nice little bar in the east village. The bartenders are ninjas who make the drinks. Their handwork is unmatched, and the drinks are just as good.

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