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Bemelmans Bar New York, Guide & Review

Bemelmans Bar is a very old high-end bar at the Carlyle NYC and one of the top Thrillist bars to visit. Bemelmans is renowned for awesome and tasty cocktails and entertainment and it’s historically referred to as Carlyle city’s premier luxury residential hotel which was a famous gathering place for socialites, world leaders, and celebrities where Ludwig Bemelmans began to create his masterpiece murals at the hotel bar. While here, take time to wander around the walls and have a look at the beautifully decorated walls.

Bemelmans Bar is a truly unique place to enjoy a cocktail with friends and features state of the art lighting and sound system, a beautiful atmosphere, excellent service, and perfectly balanced cocktails, the complimentary bar snacks are delicious and such a nice touch, stunningly beautiful decor, delicious cocktails, the drinks, and snacks are really nice, unbeatable ambiance amazingly bustling outside dining in the Carlyle hotel, and a great place to have a drink and meet friends. The bar exhibit ordered old-fashioned and explored the mural in quiet solitude. The cocktails menu is very extensive, so there’s something for all tastes. The wall murals are truly interesting and the live music bolsters the setting further.

Entertainment each evening is wonderful and ultimately a great place to have a drink, and meet friends and it’s an exquisite place to enjoy music and a cocktail. Very old world. The beautiful atmosphere and the murals are very storied. Fun! The Bemelman bar is certainly interesting! A truly unique music bar experience with so much to offer. The overall feel of the place is very upbeat with everyone enjoying the mood.

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